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$45/Adult • $30/Student

Sunrise-Atlantic Ocean - Seagull East Beach on St. Simons Island

For all of you early risers, this is the perfect tour for you! Wake up before the sun and join us as we begin the day with a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean followed by a scenic bike tour of the south end of St. Simons Island. By the time the tour is over, the rest of the world will only just be waking up. 

Significant spots we see on the tour include Gould’s Inlet, the St. Simons Island Lighthouse, Epworth by the Sea, and The Boat (The Golden Ray), to name a few. Along the way, your guide will give you interesting insight into the island’s history and current events. Near the end of your tour, we’ll stop at Wake Up Coffee, a locally-owned coffee shop, for your choice of a delicious food or drink item, compliments of Bike the Islands.

Start your day off right!


$45/Adult • $30/Student

Come tour with us as we traverse and explore St. Simons Island under the sun. On our cheerful orange bikes, you will be able to take in the blue sky, salt air, and beautiful sights that St. Simons boasts. There is truly no better way of exploring St. Simons Island than by bike.

This tour includes locations such as the Bloody Marsh Monument, St. Simons Island Lighthouse, and the World War II Home Front Museum. Along the way, your personal tour guide will give you the history and insights of the island’s past, as well as answer any of your questions. Near the end of the tour, you will enjoy a refreshing Italian Ice from Sunset Slush, compliments of Bike the Islands.

Get some exercise and explore the coast of Georgia with us!


$45/Adult • $30/Student

Sunset-Epworth By The Sea -St Simons Island Causeway Bridge

This area is called the “Golden Isles” for a reason… the gold hue of the marshes in the evening is truly breathtaking. This tour takes you around the south end of the island, exploring the sights and historic monuments that St. Simons holds. We end the tour with a never disappointing sunset over the beautiful Georgia marshes as well as light refreshments to top it off.

Interesting spots we see on the tour include the St. Simons Island Lighthouse, Epworth by the Sea, the Pier/Village area, and The Boat (The Golden Ray). Along the way, your tour guide will give you insights on the past and present of the island as well as answer any questions you may have.

Come explore St. Simons Island in the best way at its most majestic time.