Sunshine Bike Tour


On our Sunshine Bike Tour, you will be able to take in the blue sky, salt air, and beautiful sights that St. Simons boasts.


Come tour with us on our Sunshine Bike Tour as we traverse and explore St. Simons Island under the sun. On our cheerful orange bikes, you will be able to take in the blue sky, salt air, and beautiful sights that St. Simons boasts. There is truly no better way of exploring St. Simons Island than by bike.

This tour includes locations such as the Avenue of Oaks, the St. Simons Island Lighthouse, and Gascoigne Bluff. Along the way, your personal tour guide will give you the history and insights of the island’s past, as well as answer any of your questions. You will see ancient Native American settlements and old slave cabins. Near the end of the tour, you will enjoy a refreshing Italian Ice from Sunset Slush, compliments of Bike the Islands. This way, even those who are not interested in history will enjoy their time.

A Sunshine Bike Tour is an incredible way to spend time with your family while also having fun on vacation. Because we only offer private tours, you will get to spend some quality alone time with your family. Or grab your friends and join us with your own personal entourage. The bigger your group, the better. Come and create some lasting memories on our cheerful orange bikes.

Are you bored of just sitting on the beach yet? Want to actually be active? This is exactly what you need. Our bike tours provide exercise, but also allow you to enjoy your time. You will see things that even locals don’t know about. Along the way, we will show you the best restaurants on St. Simons to eat at, the hidden views of the Golden Isles, and the fun activities you can take part in after the tour.

Get some exercise and explore the coast of Georgia with us!


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